Monday, August 16, 2004

DC/2000 AD Trades for November 2004

Written by Garth Ennis
Art by Peter Doherty, Dean Ormston, Carlos Ezquerra, Chris Halls and Anthony Williams
Cover by Greg Staples

2000 A.D. Get ready for a thrilling action/horror story featuring the legendary Judge Dredd, written by Garth Ennis (PREACHER) with stellar art by Peter Doherty, Dean Ormston, Carlos Ezquerra, Chris Halls and Anthony Williams!

He is a nightmare that the Psi-Judges didn’t predict, and that even Judge Dredd cannot prevent. If his vile plan succeeds, the world will never be the same again. His name is Sabbat, he has the power to raise the dead…and he’s already here!

While Mega-City One fights for survival, Dredd must find and terminate Sabbat. But help is coming from an unexpected source — the future mutant bounty hunter and “Strontium Dog” Johnny Alpha, hot on the necromancer’s trail!

On sale Nov 3 :: 7.375" x 10.1875" :: B&W :: 160 pages :: $14.95 US

Written by Robbie Morrison
Art by Simon Fraser, Chris Weston, Charlie Adlard and Henry Flint
Cover by Fraser

2000 A.D. Russia, 2666 A.D.: Where a man can become a legend if he’s fool enough to stake his life on it. That man is Nikolai Dante — lover, rogue and thief, son of a pirate-queen and altogether too cool to kill!

Created by Robbie Morrison (BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHTS) and Simon Fraser (Lux & Alby), this collection features art by Chris Weston (THE FILTH), Charlie Adlard (THE ESTABLISHMENT) and Henry Flint (Judge Dredd/Aliens).
When chance leaves him working with the Tsar’s beautiful daughter Jena, Dante discovers his heritage — bio-bonding with the alien Weapons Crest, which grants him astonishing abilities. But with the new enemies he’s making — much less the family he never knew about — can Dante keep his head?

On sale Nov 17 :: 7.375" x 10.1875" :: B&W :: 192 pages :: $19.95 US MATURE READERS

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