Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Fanfic: Moon Knight - Night of the Demon, Prelude

I did this story back in 2000, when I was first thinking of doing my own comics. I had discovered fan-fiction and was going to sign up at one site to do a regular Dr. Strange series but never did.

I did, however, join a Yahoo RPG group and play Dr. Fate for a while, which gave me a chance to practice my writing.

I don't know why I never got into it again after this story. It was much more satisfying to me than most of the other projects I've done. And I will state for the record that I find writing much easier than drawing. Too bad writers don't have the same "check me out" appeal that artists have.

I'll be posting this in parts to both conserve space and to give it the pulpish feel that I tried to put into the story. When I was writing this I had been reading pulp fiction stories and listening to old Shadow radio shows. Lester Dent was a great help.

So here we go: Moon Knight - Night of the Demon


Halloween, 2000.

The night's cool breeze flows into the back room of an old storefront, gently touching the shoulders of a middle-aged woman sitting on the floor. In the middle of a chalked hexagram, she has placed several candles and books.

The air has a sense of foreboding. There seems to be an underlying tension that is invisible to the naked eye. But she can see it. She can feel it. Feel it all around her. It has been building up for years.

Her name is Florence Nightangel. Born Florence Williams, she renamed herself Nightangel (a play on Nightingale) after learning of her magical nature. She now runs this shop, selling and buying curious and strange things.


"Lady Florence?" a voice calls out from the front of the store. "Lady Florence, are you here?"

"Just a minute," she says as she scrambles to get up from her books and papers.

Stepping into the public room, she sees one of her regulars, Eddie Anderson, looking over some ancient books. They're not the really good ones. She keeps those locked away in the back.

"Hello, Eddie."

Eddie looks over to her, putting the Ancient Book of Mummification back into its proper slot in the shelf. "I was wondering if you were gonna be open late tonight. Seeing that it's Halloween and all."

Lady Florence smiles at him and says, "No, Eddie. I was just putting some stuff away and forgot to close up. You know how us kooky, old ladies can be..."

Eddie laughs. He never could understand how he came to admire this woman when everyone else he knows is so afraid of her. Some say she must have cast a spell on him, but he's positive that it's a genuine feeling of trust. He likes talking to her. He enjoys listening to her stories of weird and exciting things. Things that no one else would understand.

"Well, Eddie... Are you going out tonight?"

"Anna Jo wants to go to a party not far from here and I thought I'd come by for a few accessories."

A thought crosses Lady Florence's mind that maybe he had another, more impulsive, reason for coming by. Maybe he does have magical aptitude, or at least a sense of it. She has suspected as much.

"Feel free, Eddie. I wouldn't want to put a damper on your date."

Minutes later, Eddie is running off to enjoy the night in his own way.

After seeing him out, Florence locks the door, puts up the "closed" sign, turns out the lights and heads back to the back room.

"Now... Where was I?" She says to herself, as she returns to her position in the center of the hexagram.

She grabs a nearby book, entitled "Spirits of the Void".

"Oh... Yeah... That's it..."

"Halloween 2000, convention of the bodiless spirits."

...to be continued...

(Moon Knight is copyright 2004 Marvel Comics)

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