Monday, August 16, 2004

MP3: The Cure

One of my favorite bands from the late '80s, the Cure managed to create two of my most treasured CDs: Disintegration and Mixed Up. These two albums, along with Love and Rockets self-titled album and The Church's Starfish were probably the highlights of my post-modern punk rock days. And I still listen to them often.

Truly, if I could take cds with me when I die, these two would be at the top of my list.

Disintegration introduced the world to such songs as Love Song, Pictures of You, Fascination Street and Lullaby. Created as more of an art piece, with moody build-ups and atmospheric intros, Disintegration blew me away. Sample tracks here.

Mixed Up was their foray into the remix album trend. Theirs came out with all four of the aforementioned songs and several others. I never could decide which versions I liked best. So I naturally liked them all. Sample tracks here.

For your enjoyment here is the radio remix of Pictures of You. And a live version of Fascination Street. Both are from the Pictures of You maxi-single.

I understand that The Cure has made a comeback, along with a new album. I was reading in Rolling Stone that at a recent concert Smith seemed less than enthusiastic when doing the older tracks, but picked it up a bit when they did their new songs. I did read that halfway through Pictures of You the performance hit a high point, however.
I hope that things work out for them. The Cure led the way for many post-punk goth bands.

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