Sunday, August 22, 2004

MP3: Photek

Back before I knew the definition of Drum'N'Bass, I discovered Photek through MTV's Amp series. One video in particular caught my attention, "Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (Two Swords Technique)". This video was in black and white and consisted of nothing more than a samurai warrior battling several enemies. Very stylish and still worth seeing, the video led me to broaden my musical horizons.

The video was available for viewing over at, I believe. But I can't seem to find it now. If you see it anywhere, be sure to check it out.

Here is the MP3 of Ni Ten Ichi Ryu for your listening pleasure.

I remember one of the reasons this video got me so easily was because I was really into Bushido Blade on the Playstation at the time. We would play that game every-friggin-day. The first Bushido Blade, not the second one. Anyone who's played them will tell you that the first one had the better gameplay. It was just lacking in the number of characters you could play. But that was still not a bad quality.

And Drum'N'Bass not only makes great music to swordfight to, but also to practice your ninja stances and strikes. Be sure to stay in form, though, and keep focused.

Oh, wow! While I was looking for a link to the video I found that elusive Amp List that I mentioned I was looking for. Here it is! I'm sooo happy!


Psychbloke said...

Didja ever play my all-time favourite "Tenchu - Stealth Assassin" ?

Republic of Replicants said...

Oh, yes!
I loved the mechanics of the game. The sneak attacks were cool. And the mood and atmosphere were top notch.
I never played the sequel, although a friend of mine has. He enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Link is broken. Blogger's redirect may be hosing it or something, because direct link the file works.


Republic of Replicants said...

Thanks. I'll see if I can fix it.

Republic of Replicants said...


Hmmm... I had this happen to my Tori Amos link once. Somehow the last half of the file extension just disappeared. I put it back together again.