Sunday, August 15, 2004

Read 2000 AD Online

2000 AD's official website has free samples of several of their strips. Included are A.B.C. Warriors (1 story), Bradley (1 story), Daily Star Dredd (5 stories), Doctor Sin (1 story), Judge Anderson (1 story), Judge Dredd (6 stories), Nemesis the Warlock (1 story), One-off (3 stories), Rogue Trooper (1 story), Sinister Dexter (4 stories), Sláine (1 story), Strontium Dog (1 story), Tharg's Future Shocks (2 stories) and Tharg's Terror Tales (1 story). Check them all out here.

Also, the BBC has devoted a spot on their BBC Cult website to 2000 AD and British comics. You can read stories featuring Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, DR & Quinch, Rogue Trooper and Sinister Dexter. They also have for viewing the 2000 AD #0 test issue that was the prototype of the magazine. You can find all these goodies here.
They have a spot dedicated to the audio adventures of Judge Dredd, as well. Currently there's only one show available, but they mention more are coming soon. Go here to check those out.