Thursday, August 19, 2004

X-Box, Anyone?

I just got me a second job working at a video game store and I'm considering getting me a console to play my free game rentals on.

After much deciding, I finally settled on X-Box.

I haven't owned a console in several years. I've been pc-only as far as games go for quite a while. PC Games I've played and enjoyed: Star Wars Galaxies (still playing), Anarchy Online, Neocron, Earth & Beyond, Mafia, No One Lives Forever, Rainbow Six, Diablo, Morrowind, Neverwinter Nights, Deus Ex, Doom, UnReal, Red Faction, B-Hunter, G-Police, Omnikron, Homeworld, Star Wars: Jedi Knight II.

Some of the games I played on Playstation I and Dreamcast, prior to my pc devotion...
Metal Gear Solid, Ghost in the Shell, Crazy Taxi, Tomb Raider, Myst, Rainbow Six, Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy 7 (I was a big SquareSoft follower at the time).

And I played a lot of GoldenEye on a friend's N64.

I'm thinking about getting Splinter Cell as my first title. Either that or Hitman: Contracts. I really like mercenary-type games, as long as it has a lot of atmosphere.
Ghost in the Shell was the first game I played like that, and it left a big impression.

I'd love to get into a mech-type game, but I never know which one would be the best to sample first.

I was just watching G4TV and they had a piece on the next Splinter Cell. Looks real good. I still haven't played the first one, although I have a friend who played it on Playstation.

G4TV also gave a "best game" nod to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It looks nice, but way too many Jedis for me. I wouldn't want to be a Jedi. I'd rather be a bounty hunter or smuggler. Guess that's why I have Star Wars Galaxies...


Anonymous said...

Good choice!!! Check out what all an Xbox can do if it's chipped or modded and all the things available via the media center, including an RSS feed, weather and news. Play mp3s and watch visualizations and best of all play burned games, which in your case would cut into sales where you work. I'd suggest Psi-Ops:Mindgate Conspiracy, by far the most addictive game I've ever played. Their site kicks ass, the use of flash giving the viewer a real sense of the game.

Also you can change the original 8 or 10 gig hd to 120 like ours or go even higher.

zooberries said...

I'm getting an XBOX just for Halo 2. I can't wait!

Republic of Replicants said...

Hmmm.... Halo 2....
Found a nice wallpaper for my comp of Halo 2.

I'll have to check out that Psi-Ops game.
Oddly enough, when I was having my interviews the guy asked me to pick an upcoming game from their website and come in and try to sell it to him. I had picked Second Sight, a game very similar to Psi-Ops.

Anonymous said...

well, if your into any kind of RPGs, u have to get Fable coming out soon,its going to rock! And of course Halo2, is a no brainer as well.If u can spare the dough get the ulitmate mech game and controller of Steel Batilion,u will feel like your really in a mechwarrior.If u like fighting games be sure to get Dead or Alive:Ulitimte its going to be live comp. and will have more costumes than DOA3.Or go old school 2d with Gulity Gear2 also live comp. with head banging music and faster than lighting moves.Hope u have as much fun with yours as i do mine, maybe i'll even play u online someday, watch out!lol