Monday, August 23, 2004

X-Box Update

Well... I'm still trying to decide what game to get for my X-Box (whenever I get it). I got me a magazine with some demos and tried them out on a friend's X-Box.
Out of all the demos, I thought Thief was the best. There were a couple military games (I dislike military games), a racer and a mech combat game. Also, there was a 2-D side-scroller that I thought looked cool, but my friends didn't see the point of.

Thief had some nice elements to it. Especially the way it uses the vibration to help pick locks. I really like the sneaking around. Don't care much for the voice-actor, though. Sounds like he's over-acting a bit much.
The controls were nice. And I love the robotic zooming eye.
But... it's third-person. That may take a while to get used to. Strangely, I've been playing Star Wars Galaxies in third-person lately. Maybe I do like the format... I just don't want to admit it.

Possible game buys:
Ninja Gaiden
Halo 2
Splinter Cell
Grand Theft Auto Double Pack
Star Wars: Kinghts of the Old Republic
Metal Gear Solid 2
Deus Ex: Invisible War


Psychbloke said...

I certainly thought MG SOlid on PS1 was brilliant

Republic of Replicants said...

Yes, it was! It helped fuel the alternate stealth mode of play that most action games try to incorporate now.

Anonymous said...

Prince of Persia is an underrated gem of a game that you can generally get in a used game bin for under $15 I'd grab it if you see it.

Other than that your list looks dead on - though I'd avoid metal gear(splinter cell is better) and wait until Mech Assault 2 comes out (unless you're itching to try MA on xbox live.

птица (Ptiza) Odelay said...

Two words: Monkey Island.

Republic of Replicants said...

I ended up getting Splinter Cell. It was on sell.