Saturday, September 04, 2004


Okay... so the word doesn't look that great... but just say it. Sounds cool, doesn't it?

I've now got three X-Box games in my collection: Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance and XIII.
Do we see a trend here?

I've checked out Ninja Gaiden and Halo. Ninja Gaiden is tough! But damn it's friggin' cool! I thought it was through surprising me until I got slung on a pike by a horseman...
Halo isn't as impressive to me, seeing that I've been playing first-person shooters on the PC since I left consoles back when PS2 first came out. What is nice, however, is that you know that you meet the system requirements- and it runs very smooth! That's the one advantage console games have over PCs.
PC game publishers aren't making games for your computer. They make them for the next computer.
Console game publishers have to have their games playable on the current systems or no one can play them. Hence, no one would buy them.

My computer had a hard time playing XIII, but my X-Box is happy with it.

I also had someone else reccomend Psi-Ops, so I may check that out once I'm through with Halo.


Anonymous said...

Once you play Psi-Ops all games will seem lame. I found Splinter Cell too slow and boring. I'm on my 5th time on Psi-Ops, this time on elite. It's a bitch but I'm doing it. (chick, btw) lol.

Anonymous said...

I can now tell you completing Psi-Ops 5 times finally made me want something else, so I tried 13 or X111, cool as hell but I'm not good enough, so I'm back to Halo and loving it again, I'm so much better this time around.

So what are you playing?

Republic of Replicants said...

Currently, I'm spending a lot of time on Star Wars Galaxies on my computer.

Out of the three X-Box games I have, I've been sticking to Splinter Cell. I was to complete this one so I can advance to Pandora Tomorrow sometime before the third one comes out.

I've also been getting the X-Box Magazine. The one with the demo cd. I have to say that Silent Hill 4 definitely got my attention. Really trippy.

I have two friends who got Fable and I've watched them play. It's not as world-changing as led to believe. But it does look very impressive.