Tuesday, October 05, 2004

More Galaxies Screenshots

I said I'd be posting more pics soon. And here we go. For this batch, I'm focusing on my friends. All three of these guys live in the same town with me and we've all been buds for quite a while.

The first one is Schlona (shown in the pic above -he's the one on the left). Originally a Bounty Hunter, has has recently switched to Commando. We have a bit of friendy resentment to each other as he's a Rebel and I'm an Imperial. But we still get along pretty well.

This is my friend Nakiel (again on he left). Currently working on making a fortune by Smuggling, he has to have two houses to store all his stuff. Also an Imperial, but of lower standing, he calls me "Sir" most of the time. I kinda like it. However, I know that Schlona is secretly trying to persuade him to change over. And I don't think he's really getting all that money from smuggling...

And this is my other friend, Asraizi (on the left again -by the green droid). Unlike us "normal" types who play humans, Asraizi is a Bothan, which is best described as a dog-person. He's working on becoming the best Scout in the galaxy. After visiting his house, I asked why he had no bed. To which he replied, "The world is my home, every bit of ground my bed."

I snapped this pic and felt it belonged with this set. This is me looking over as my friend Asraizi, after being incapacitated, finds a bull ronto on top of him. It was really quite dramatic. Once we killed the ronto it made a very satisfying (and loud) thud when it fell. On top of my friend's body. You can see his arm protruding out from under the ronto's neck. I laughed a long time. I tried to hide it, but my countless typos that followed only made it evident that I could not control myself.


Psychbloke said...

In all my blogging I never once expected to see a person crushed beneath a Ronto - I love these posts! - I've absolutely no desire to play the game, but your posts I think are strangely compelling - there's a reality / virtuality TV show in this - make sure you get the format rights.

More please.....

Republic of Replicants said...

Oh, believe me... more are coming!
They make taking screenshots real easy and I have quite a collection already.

I need to go through and delet all the ones I won't be needing.