Saturday, October 02, 2004

MP3: Dire Straits

One of the reason I like some '70s songs is because it exhuberates a sense of gritty, urban earthiness. Kinda hard to explain. Perhaps I have some sort of suppressed memory where I'm attacked in a dark alley on a rainy night or something.

Anyway, I will say that for some reason music like this makes me want to turn the lights down, smoke a cigarette (and I don't smoke) and get all decadent. Which to me was what the '70s was all about.
Cigarette ashes on a torn carpet, with a stained wall of faded panelling reflecting the glow of a dirty lamp through a thick haze of smoke. A record player (one of those big console types, with a tv on the bottom) plays Earth, Wind and Fire in a level that just barely covers the sound of night itself.

Quentin Tarantino gets this. As does a few comics writers, like Dennis O'Neil.

So, turn down the lights... pop in Six Blade Knife and take a trip to the underside of the city.

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