Monday, October 18, 2004

Ten Ways to Get More Music in Your Head

One of the best reasons to have the internet and a dsl/broadband connection would be all the choices a person has to enjoy music. If you can think of a genre, chances are that there's someone out there broadcasting that very thing.
I'm going to share with you guys the stations or groups of stations that have had me enthralled in recent memory.

The one I've been spending some time watching/listening to recently is XRM's techno video stream. If you like Basement Jaxx, Underworld, Chemical Brothers, ATB, Tiesto or any other artists who fall into this category, then you should check XRM.
They even have a chat room, too, if you want to hang out with others who are also watching the videos.
XRM Radio.

KCRW and KCRW Music are Public Radio stations, much like Public TV (PBS). Both stations are broadcast over the net. I mention them because a show, called Metropolis, has managed to keep my attention. It airs weekdays and features electronic artists, usually premiering songs before you hear them anywhere else. Worth checking in on routinely just to see what's happening.
KCRW Music.

SomaFM has several streams branching from electronic music. One for droning, atmospheric music, one for ambient beats and another for downtempo. They just added a Trance station.

Digitally Imported was at one time THE internet broadcaster, with great quality streams featuring current trance, house and electronic music. Recently, however, they downgraded the free streams and put the better streams in a "members only" access. The free ones (at 96kbs) still aren't bad.
Digitally Imported.

Music One plays more popular and up-to-date dance, trance and house tracks. There is a rather annoying over-abundance of voice-overs and station identification, though.
Music One.

Global Pop Conspiracy is just different. You really have to check it out to know what I mean. Their website hasn't been updated in a month or so, but the stream continues on. There's also links to free MP3s on the site.
Global Pop Conspiracy.

Netmusique has three streams: Housemusique, Jazzmusique and L'Electrique. Great quality streams, too.

Another multi-streamer, Energy Radio has eight streams, including chillout and club.
Energy Radio.

Proton Radio plays mostly house music. I just found this station, so I don't have a lot of info. Sounds great, though.
Proton Radio.

And for those who like their music a lil rougher or darker, there's AmpedOut. They have a wonderful selection of industrial/ebm for your listening pleasure. Perfect station to listen to on Monday mornings. Or even after a long week of work. Talk about stress relief...

And for a bonus... An alternative music station from the campus of Southwestern Louisiana University, KSLU. It brings college radio to the internet.

Plus, here are two of the most useful resouces I've found for minding music on the internet:
Public Radio Fan -filtered to show only music programs.

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