Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Mixing it Up

Starting this week I'm going to be doing my music a bit differently.
I recently installed a new harddrive in my computer which gives me 60 gigs of more room. Very nice considering my original harddrive is 14 gig and Star Wars Galaxies took up a big chunk of it.

So, I moved all my music mixing software over to the new drive.

What this does for me is it gives me the freedom to do something else with my computer besides play SWG. I can install another game, I can make mix cds, I can mess with photoshop. Whatever I want. Without worrying about running out of room. Or worrying about lack of memory space (something I was beginning to have to deal with).

Which brings me back to what I'm going to do with my mp3 features here on my blog.
I currently have three mix cds I've made. Starting today I'll be posting them here.
Unless something that requires being spotlighted seperately comes up, all the tracks I put up will be part of a continuous mix.

The first one was made last year, the second early this year. The third one was made yesterday. Once I've caught up, I'll be posting a set once a week, provided I have space. I don't have a file host, so I'm using the space given to me by my internet provider which comes in 10mb sections.
You'll notice that the sets are seperated by tracks. That's for two reasons. 1) I like to be able to find a song easy and 2) it lets them fit in those 10mb sections.

Here is the first set-

Mix 1 - 8 tracks
PDOA - "F*** the Fake Stars"
Tiga - "Hot in Herre"
Tori Amos - "Don't Make Me Come to Vegas"
Basement Jaxx - "Get Me Off"
Benny Benassi - "Satisfaction"
Madonna - "Hollywood"
Zombie Nation - "Kemkraft 400"
DJ Thako f/ Taylor & Flow - "You Make Me Feel 2002"

I lost my original track listing for this set, so I don't have the names of the specific versions of the songs. And you may notice the artist name "kossori" on the MP3s. That was my dj name.
Enjoy. Comments and requests welcome.

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