Monday, November 08, 2004

Origin of the Blue Light Special?

A friend of mine shared this joke with me. And since I'm terrible at remembering jokes (especially at those times when I'm expected to tell one), I've decided to post it here.

One day God came to Adam and said, "Adam, I am very pleased with you. You've named all the animals in six days and you've tended to the land in a diligent manner. I feel I must reward you."

"How so, my Lord?"

"Adam, I shall give you a mate. And she shall be called Woman. She will be the most beautiful and caring creature I have ever made. And she shall be put here to serve you as you have served me. Your every wish will be carried out by her. You will never be lonely again."

"Wow, God, that sounds amazing! But what's it gonna cost me? An arm and a leg?"

"Precisely," God replied, "An arm and a leg."

"Uhmmm...", Adam said curiously, "What can I get for a rib?"


Psychbloke said...


Anyway, can you help us out?
On your recommendation I'm gonna get some 100 Bullets put on my Christmas list - but which ones?
(see link

Just being able to work out which was editions 1 & 2 would help!

Any chance you could recommend?


Republic of Replicants said...


You want to get "First Shot, Last Call" first. That's Book 1 of the series. There's now seven books, each with a "play on words" with the title referring to the volume number.

1) First Shot, Last Call
2) Split Second Chance
3) Hang Up on the Hang Low
4) A Foregone Tomorrow
5) The Counterfifth Detective
6) Six Feet Under the Gun
7) Samurai

Glad to help you, and I hope you enjoy the series. It's awesome!

Psychbloke said...


I see it now....

Thanks for your help!