Monday, November 08, 2004

The Texas Renaissance Festival

Yes, the Texas Renaissance Festival would've been much better with money.
Twenty dollars only goes so far....

However, I really enjoyed the atmosphere and all the events.
The knife throwing show was cool.
The "Drench a Wench" booth was great. One of the girls just stole the show with her wisecracks.
I watched many performers. A talented lady, named Courtney Hale, who was playing an acoustic guitar and singing. A couple guys playing bongos. And these two guys with a guitar and a chiming thing. Oh, and a guy with a didgerido (sp?).
I got to see the belly-dancing chain-mail fashion show. Woo-hoo!
And trained birds.
And I met lots of people.

Too bad this came up on a bad-income period for me. December would've been better. I'll get three paychecks next month instead of two.

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