Monday, November 08, 2004

Wizard World Texas

I barely could afford to go through the door... but they let me in.
Wizard World isn't that great when you have no money. But it was still pretty cool.

Things I did:
*Met Michael Lark and got some signings. I also picked up his sketchbook. More info coming.
*Picked up two comics- Official Index to the Doom Patrol #1 and 12 cent issue of Secret Six (only because they were both on sale for $1)
*Saw Joe Singleton again.
*Met the artist of Forsaken and got the first three issues cheap.
*Oh... at this point I was broke. Had only $20 left. And had to save something for the Rennaissance Fair the next day.
*Met the writer of Hawaiian Dick. He wasn't very talkative.
*Saw Mark Waid and Barry Kitson (from a distance). Their lines were closed.

It would have been better if I had finished the comic I had planned to take with me to promote. But, damn, work keeps getting in the way.

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