Thursday, December 16, 2004

Aggie Con 36

April 21-24, 2005
Looks like this year's theme is "Resurrection".
And boy do they need one...

The first Aggie Con I went to (2002) had Neil Gaiman. I saw him, from a distance. But it was still pretty cool. There was a lot of small press people there. I met alot of other creators.

2003... I met Marv Wolfman, writer and co-creator of the New Teen Titans. I was a bit more interested in Marv than I was in Neil. Partly because Marv actually talked with me. I liked that. It put a person behind the name.

In 2004, I met a local artist, Joe Singleton. There was virtually no small press presence this year. If it wasn't for Singleton being there (who had a booth and was not a guest) I would have felt my money was wasted. I seriously was ready to go after stopping by Singleton's booth four or five times. I know we must have drove him crazy. But then again, the turnout was pretty small. Maybe he didn't really mind us stopping by so much. I do know he had a much larger audience to play to at Wizard World this year. I'm sure he got himself plenty of exposure over there.

Of course, we all know that Aggie Con is ran by students. Which means they don't have the funds available to create something as grand as Wizard World. And we also know that when you have something like this, ran by students, they're going to focus on their own personal wants. Which may explain the larger emphasis on fantasy this year and less attention towards comics or sci-fi.

Another problem with this year's Con was the lack of small pressers. This was because they knew that without a comic industry guest there would be no comic interest to the con. Which meant there would be no audience for them to sell their mini-comics to. This is what led to the abyssmal Con we had this year. Vendors selling t-shirts, hero-clixs, knives, paperback books and fantasy paintings.

Hopefully Aggie Con will indeed have a "Resurrection" and will bring some sort of excitement with it. Otherwise this will be the last time I bother with going. I can easily wait until next year's Wizard World. I just don't want to have to.

Info on Aggie Con 36 can be found here.

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