Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Comic news - December 07, 2004

Well... let's see...
I think I'll start off by listing the books I was previously listing as my "current must reads" back in September:
100 Bullets
Gotham Central
The Ultimates
Birds of Prey
Black Widow

Now to see how things have changed...

100 Bullets is still going strong. I generally won't read it until each story arc finishes, though. A habit I got into after reading the trades for the first 30 or so issues. It reads much better in large doses. Very engrossing and requires a lot of attention to detail. Something you really can't do waiting a month for the next part.

Daredevil is starting to wind down as both the writer and artist are slated to leave the title at the end of next year. It will be a shame to see them go. Especially if they can't find someone of at least equal talent to replace them.

Gotham Central has just lost their main attraction: Michael Lark, who has struck an exclusive deal with Marvel Comics. Brubaker and Rucka are both really capable fellas, but I just can't see the book lasting without Lark's distinctive look.

The Ultimates has just started Volume 2. While I haven't picked up the first issue, yet (I'm two months behind), I'm eagerly awaiting sinking my teeth into it.

Birds of Prey has been a fun title and it's mostly due to Gail Simone's intelligent writing. The book is a breath of fresh air at times. The last story was kinda anti-climatic but I'm still sticking to the series. The characterization is just great. I could probably do without all the t&a, however... Well... some of it...

Manhunter and Bloodhound are suffering the most from my alienation from comics. Both are brand new series and neither are really begging for my interest as I'm restructering my list...

Black Widow stays just because Sienkiewicz is doing it. And it helps that the first issue was just awesome.

The Legion of Super-Heroes are making a comeback and what I've heard so far is really impressing me. I may have to check it out.

Waiting for the return of Thor. Funny thing about Thor... I never really cared much for the character. I like mythological themed stories and characters (I think Wonder Woman was best when George Perez relaunched the book in 1988 steeping it in Olympian mythology). Why I never connected to Thor is beyond me. And it wasn't until recently that I felt compelled to pick up Thor. Dan Jurgens and Tom Raney were doing a fantastic job mixing fantasy and super-heroics. Until Jurgens stretched out a good story plot for waaaay too long.
Then, with Avengers Disassembled, Thor was given a new look and feel with a new creative team (Michael Oeming and Andrea Di Vito). Shit really hit the fan and things started to move forward. And then the book got cancelled.
I started to despair.
But it looks like Thor is only on hiatus as the story's being continued in a six-month comic, Stormbreaker, that appears to be branching the previous series with a new one that is coming soon.
You better bet that it's on my list of things to watch for.

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