Thursday, December 23, 2004

It's Space Age Poppish, Baby!

Okay... so how is it someone born in 1971, who's listened to mostly r&b and rock most of his life would find himself with a fondness for Space Age Pop?

Could it have come from my interest in B-Movies? My love of '60s comics and tv? Could it be because of my indulgence in New Swing back when Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Cherry Poppin' Daddies and Brian Seltzer were recharging the genre?
Or was it Mike Allred's Madman?
Perhaps it's because I'm drawn to exotic things.

Well, I'm not sure how it happened but it did.

The earliest memories I have is from listening to the Retro Coctail Hour on KANU via their internet webcast. I then got enough interest to go out and purchase the two Ultra Lounge samplers.

While not something that's appropriate for continuous listening (you may drive your uninitiated friends crazy), it's definitely a nice break from what is being churned out these days.

There are some resources on the 'net for downloading and/or listening to albums of this sort, as well.
Places like Bellybongo, Mr. Swank, Basic Hip Digital Oddio, Sem Sinatra, Raymondo's Dance-O-Rama, Dana Countryman, Comfort Stand, Oddio Overplay, Milwaukee John, Your Pal Doug, 365 Days, Delicado, Vegas Vic, Journey to the Past, RATO Records, Vinyl Orphanage, and Space Debris.

Highly recommended is Two Zombies Later, a tribute cd made by members of the Exotica Mailing List.

For more information on Space-Age Pop, Exotica or similar sounds check out the Space Age Pop Music Page, the Roots of Lounge, Hobby Space and Space Age Pop A Go-Go.

Just be careful. It looks harmless, but it's actually infectuous.

Also worth mentioning is Soma FM's Secret Agent webcast.

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UnderCrackers said...

Yes I confess.....I am a Space Age Pop addict.
It started out innocently enough, the odd old LP, a few charity shop finds.....soon I was scouring shops....ordering stuff from obscure record companies at work...hiding the stock amongst the shelves for later got out of hand. I began to dress like a burlesque freak queen. I lost all my friends they didn't understand.....
Luckily I met my husband..he knew it was OK...he got me through the screaming and delusions. Let me know it was OK to look like Bettie Page as long as I didn't get them out at Tesco...
Now...well I have my shelves and shelves of music....I indulge whilst doing the ironing. I don't flaunt it. I quietly enjoy my passion and harm no others.