Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Kossori's Newsfile

Not many of you are aware of this, but I had a column over at the website of a local comic shop.
The comic shop I mention is Ground Zero Comics of Tyler, Texas.

I did eight articles before taking it to the message boards or posting on my own website.

Here you can find my original pages:
#1 - Marvel Max and The Comics Code
#2 - Love and Rockets
#3 - The Return Of Sword And Sorcery
#4 - Online Comics
#5 - Meet the Skunk
#6 - Mangaverse and CrossGen Anthologies
#7 - Aggie Con 33
#8 - Mighty Movie Madness

Some of the picture links don't work on the pages, but the info is till all up there.

I also did a write-up on the Doom Patrol for a fanzine called Heroic, which I was paid for but still haven't seen in print. And I have an article on the Silver Age Batgirl floating around that someone had offered me money for but never heard anything else from.

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