Monday, December 13, 2004

Stocking Stuffing Made Easy

This is where I take the time out to list all the things I would love to be getting this Christmas.

Note that I don't list things like huge plasma tvs or fancy sportscars... I have very little chance of getting things like that with the economy the way it is.

Let's see now... the list...

A new video card for my computer would be nice. One with pixel shading, so I can play EQ2.
But then if I got one, I'd spend even more time playing games... Maybe I don't really need that at the moment.

I have just gotten into the Adult Swim shows on Cartoon Network, so any related DVDs would be great. I already have the complete Cowboy Bebop, however.

A year's subscription to Comics Revue would be cool. Comics Revue reprints adventure comic strips like the Phantom, Flash Gordon and Prince Valiant.

The Twilight Zone ('60s) box sets would be a perfect choice, as well.
So would the second and third James Bond sets.
And any volume of the Emma Peel Avengers box sets.

As far as comics go, the Doom Patrol archives would be a good gift. As would the Golden Age Sandman Archive. Or just grab about ten DC comics from the '60s.

Music: I'm still missing for some reason (read: I just haven't gotten around to buying it, yet) Tori Amos - Strange Little Girls.

And if they ever get made: the Blade Runner Special Edition DVD (with all three versions) and the Kill Bill Special Edition (with both films put together).

There we are.

Now it's time for me to go and spread holiday joy!

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