Monday, January 10, 2005

Fanfic: Moon Knight - Night of the Demon, Chapter Two: Meetings

After running for several blocks, Moon Knight finds the man he's looking for. But there's someone else with him now. He looks just like the first guy. They appear to be identical in every way.

He decides to stay back and see what they are up to. Maybe he can find out something that will give him an upper hand.

There's something strange about these men, he thinks. Like they aren't all there. Something in the eyes. Like they're hollow.


Someone else is approaching them.

It's another one. He also looks the same as the others.

Moon Knight wonders at the strangeness of this situation. How can there be three of these men who look exactly alike? And what is it about their eyes that disturbs him so?

They're moving now, going north up the street. He decides to follow them quietly in hopes of finding the answers to his questions.

After about ten minutes of trailing the men, they arrive at the front of a curio shop, named "Lady Florence's". The glass door has been shattered.

He watches as three more men meet them. They, too, look just like the first man.

As they are making their greetings, another man appears from inside the shop. After a few words, they follow him into the darkness of the store.

"Hmmm..." Moon Knight thinks out loud, "This is seriously odd. Now I'm not quite sure which one attacked the man, but I see a greater mystery developing. I wonder if there's another way in..."

Darting into the alley next to the shop, he searches for the rear entrance to the store. Once found, Moon Knight attempts to unlock the door without arousing any attention.

After he successfully picks the lock, he slowly opens the door.

Glancing in, he sees a small room with boxes and various other packages lying around. It appears to be used for storage. At the other end of the room is another door.

Quietly making his way across the room, he hears voices.

"Tell me or I'll let you live your life out in pain and misery."

It was a deep and commanding voice, full of power. It makes the threat seem plausible.

The door was shut but not locked. Carefully turning the knob, he opens the door just enough to see into the next room.

What he does see in there is a site not soon forgotten. In the corner of the room, lit by dozens of candles, stands a woman. She seems frightened. He could also see three of the men he was following. They're standing around a chalk hexagram on the floor looking at old books, ripping out pages. Then there was him. The one who Moon Knight believes made the boisterous threat. This one was different from the others and had an aura of assertiveness about him.

Lady Florence looked at the man before her and said, "I'll tell you nothing, demon!"

Demon? Moon Knight thought to himself, what have I stepped into?

"Really?" the one called "demon" replied, "We'll have to see about that..."

Taking one of the candles, he goes to torch some papers.

A crescent dart finds itself stuck in his wrist and he drops the candle. Surprised, the "demon" turns to see who would do such a thing. He sees nothing but a half open door.

Not wanting to leave his prey, he sends the other three men to find the cause of the interruption.

Outside, Moon Knight watches from a fire escape as the men go searching for him. When they are far enough away, he reenters the building.

"Now, Lady, " the demon-man begins, "you will tell me what I need to know."

"I will not!" she exclaims, "It was a mistake to even go this far. You cannot hurt me. I've seen to that."

"You did well to cast a protection spell upon yourself, Lady. It was the only wise thing you did, I must say. However, there are others who do not share your gifts. One in particular, A budding new flower that I shall cut down before it's grown too big."

"Eddie..." she says, realizing who he is talking about, "You will not harm the boy!"

"Ah... But if you do not be more cooperative, I will have to do unthinkable things to him. You wouldn't want that, would you?"

"You wouldn't dare!"

"Do you wish to see? Would you like to try me?" the demon-man looks at her with an evil grin, "I really have nothing else to do."

Well, let's see if I can find something for you", Moon Knight says, making his presence known.

"A follower of Khonshu." The demon-man says, "You will be easily dealt with. Especially on a night like this, when your strength is at its weakest."

He lunges at Moon Knight, "And mine is at its fullest!" be continued...

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(Moon Knight is copyright 2005 Marvel Comics)

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