Thursday, January 20, 2005

Fanfic: Moon Knight - Night of the Demon, Chapter Three: Dance With the Devil

Continued from here.

Moon Knight finds himself overwhelmed by the sheer force of the demon-man's attack. His foe is more powerful than any normal man. Could it be, he thinks to himself, that the man he fights truly is a demon? And how could he know about Khonshu? Unless... He is a demon!

In the midst of their fight, Moon Knight sees the three men return from their search, followed by the others he had seen previously. They look on. He thinks he hears one of them call the demon, "Master".

Knowing now that his opponent is not human, he begins to use more deadly attacks. Taking one of his crescent darts, he slashes the demon's face.


It appears to do nothing more than aggravate the demon.

"The anchor!" Lady Florence shouts out. "Destroy the anchor!"

"What!?" Moon Knight exclaims as he gets a severe punch to the left side of his face.

"The crystal pendant!" she explains, "It's keeping them here. Like an anchor."

In his fight with the demon, he searches for the pendant. Seeing it hanging from his neck, Moon Knight reaches for it.

The demon quickly catches his hand, and says, "Not that easy, Fist of Khonshu!"

The demon squeezes. He can feel the bones in his right hand begin to break.

"Destroy the anchor!" Lady Florence says again, "Do it now!"

"Shut up!" the demon says, glancing over to her.

With his hand screaming in pain, Moon Knight butts his head against the demon's. Reaching up with his other hand, he grabs the pendant and snatches it off of his neck.

Seeing this, the demon goes to grab his other hand. Moon Knight drops the crystal pendant to the floor and crushes it under his foot.

"Nooooo!" the demon screams.

Immediately the demon's strength began to wane. Moon Knight could feel himself overpowering his foe now. When the other men see that their "Master" is losing, they all join in to save him.

He feels swarmed by these men. Their punches come from every direction. He feels them crushing against his back. He can feel the air being knocked out of him. He can feel the punches getting faster and faster. He can feel the punches getting harder and... softer?

Moon Knight tries to focus his fight dazed eyes. Looking more closely at his foes, he discovers that they're starting to disappear. They are fading into nothing.

When his foes are completely gone, he stumbles over to Florence.

"Thank God you happened upon me." She says, "If they had stayed in physical form past midnight, the spell would have been irreversible."

"What... What were they?"

"Demons from another realm. From what I gather, the leader's name was Valcur. They had intercepted an attempt of mine to find someone." She explains, "You see, I have been studying about Houdini and the seances that he and his wife performed to talk beyond the grave. They weren't successful, mind you, but I think I might have found something. Or so I thought."

"Everything seems alright now." Moon Knight said. "Might I suggest a bit of caution before doing something like this again?"

"I figured the protection spell was all that was necessary. But I was mistaken." Florence looks at his broken hand. "I'm truly sorry."

"Damn you, woman! Why don't you listen?"

"Huh?" she looks at his face. It seems distorted. Twisted. Almost as if... He's changed.

He goes to grab her but is held back by an invisible force.

"Lady," he says to her, "you don't know what you've done to this man. The Fist of Khonshu. I might not be able to harm you with that spell you have up, but he is a different story."


Moon Knight's face goes blank and his body falls to the floor. She could see tears begin to roll down his face. She feels that she can hear his soul cry out. be continued...

(Moon Knight is copyright 2005 Marvel Comics)


R. Piggy said...

If you're gonna subject people to fanfiction, you should really provide an mp3. Is Moon Knight in any current titles?

Republic of Replicants said...

No, Moon Knight hasn't appeared anywhere recently. And I still think the original Moench/Sienkiewicz series is the best.

And I usually do an MP3 around every five posts or so. My next post should be an MP3.

BTW- if you want to skip ahead and read the rest of the story, this was originally posted over at Avengers 2000's fanfiction site.
Here's the direct link - Strange Tales Unlimited Special #1.