Monday, January 17, 2005

Gravedigger: The Scavengers

After a long wait, I finally got Gravedigger: The Scavengers. For those not familiar with it, Scavengers brings Christopher Mills and Rick Burchett's Pulp-filled Gravedigger web-comic to the printed page.

Mills is no stranger to pulp or webcomics as he has been doing Femme Noir with the very talented Joe Staton on art.

I have something of a fondness for adventure comic strips like Tarzan, Flash Gordon, Phantom, etc. And when you add the element of pulp fiction, something that can really milk the constant cliffhangers, you got me hooked.

The printed version of Gravedigger is done in "widescreen" format (where you turn the comic sideways to read it) to allow for the comic to be reproduced with no alterations.

Only problem I have with it is that now after the printed version is out, you can't find the original online anymore.

I remember when it, Athena Voltaire and others were easy to find.

Here's hoping that someone will put Mills' Femme Noir series into paper form, too.

Gravedigger: The Scavengers has been named the Best One-Shot (Adult) comic of 2004 by Alan David Doane of Comic Book Galaxy, and the Best Crime Noir comic of 2004 by Andrea Speed of
It's one hell of a fun ride.

For more information or to order your own copy go to Gravedigger


Anonymous said...

Cool blog, and thanks for the plug.

I'm working really hard to persuade a larger publisher to take a chance on a new GRAVEDIGGER miniseries. It's looking promising and I'm hopeful.

FEMME NOIR will be coming to comics in an all-new 4-issue miniseries. These stories will be original for the print books and not reprints of the online strips, which will stay where they are and stay free.

For updates on my comics projects, including future crime/pulp stuff, you can visit my homepage & journal at

-- Christopher Mills

Republic of Replicants said...

Wow! I'm surprised!
Christopher Mills! Here!!

I'll have to say that you made quite an impression sneaking in on me like that. :)

I do hope to see more of Gravedigger. I really enjoyed the book.

And I also look forward to Femme Noir in print. Maybe if the mini-series gets reprinted in trade then you can add the online stuff to it as a bonus. While I think the online content being free is great (that's what got me into it in the first place), I'd love to have a hard copy to peruse at my leisure.

Thanks for dropping by and posting on my blog and I wish you the best of luck with your comics.