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Me, Myself and U

I know I don't spend enough time on my blog posting about me and my personal experiences. What do I do? Who am I, really?

Well... let's see... where to begin...?

Guess I'll just fill in the blanks at the most logical areas first.

From the Republic of Replicants Who's Who files:

(Picture taken from top secret surveillence)

Name: Leroy ("Lee") Stone
Alter Ego: Kossori
Occupation: small time corporate wage-slave
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: a mother, a father (wherabouts unknown), stepfather (deceased), a brother, an aunt, an uncle (deceased) and several cousins
Group Affiliation: Junior Chamber of Commerce, Krogers Plus, Blockbuster
Base of Operations: Somewhere in East Texas
First Appearance: November 20, 1971
Eyes: Hazel (switch from blue to green)
Hair: Brown (usually buzzed)

(modified version of the original 'Nuther World Comics logo)

History: Lee Stone was born in a small town deep in the hidden regions of Texas. Growing up in a disfunctional family that made the Simpsons look normal, Lee discovered that he had a fondness for comics.

His first attempt to draw something was a crude redrawing of a cover to Power Man & Iron Fist.

Later, while in the fourth grade, Lee began to show interest in writing as well when he started to do what he later discovered to be called "fan-fiction"- writing stories of the characters from Star Wars.

Not really receiving much encouragement, aside from the usual motherly "he draws so wonderfully", Lee had pondered about giving up on it. Whatever "it" was. But then, in the eighth grade, he began to really focus on art. Doing a sketch of Jody Watley for a classmate, Lee found that if he disciplined himself and put forth an effort, he could create pieces of worthwhile art.

But alas, this was shortlived as Lee suffered from a severe allergy that would keep him out of school most of his eighth grade year. And when his art teacher, whom he respected more than anyone else, accused him of missing school because of drugs, Lee quit school.

And then got a GED.

After a while of trying to decide what to do next, and enjoying the freedom that comes from no school (and not yet having a job), Lee decided that he would go to college. But not just any college... An art college!

First came the ambition. Lee began to draw a lot more. He checked out books from the library about creating and presenting portfolios. Then came the disappointment.

Lee called the art college and, although met with a cheerful encouragement, was forewarned that he may want to get some art credits at a high school or junior college before making the trip.

So then came another milestone in Lee's life as he did the unthinkable: He went back to school. While his original class was graduating, he was entering the ninth grade.
Here began the great friendships that Lee has kept longer than any others.

Also at this time, because of his age, Lee was seen by many of the school's lower caste as a narc and was treated very nicely. Which he thought was pretty cool. He even played with the idea, since no one really confronted him about it and it was kept pretty much to whispers behind his back. He even went to school a few times with a fake P.I. badge attached to the inside of his denim jacket. Letting it fall into the view of select persons at various times.

Lee also had a few girlfriends in high school. None really all that important now, but back then they seemed much more than they were.

While Lee went back to school just to get art creds for college, he was faced with a decision. He had to take the basics: math, english, history, etc. but found he had to choose a second elective. Art was the first. The second? Drama.

And so the next problem arose.

Drama and art were both becoming Lee's favorite studies. So much that now he was torn. He couldn't decide if he wanted to continue pursuing the art degree or go into acting. And then there was the one that snuck in from nowhere: the writing.

To help clear up his head about this matter he set out to use each of his talents in a UIL competition. A UIL competition was generally a Drama/Theatre competition that incorporated several aspects of the theatre from writing to acting to make-up and was participated by the High Schools of the set district.

For this specific competition Lee wrote a one-act play, performed a monologue, took part in a team improv and created a promotional poster. What Lee determined would be the deciding factor would be whichever he was to do best in.
Unfortunately, he did equally well with everything, receiving blue or red ribbons for each of his endeavors.

And then something else happened. His girlfriend at the time dropped out of school. And just like any other guy who had spent the last few years planning his college experience would do, he followed suit.

After school Lee started working various jobs. At this stage he didn't have any responsibilities and any money he made went on entertainment. Thus, the jobs were mostly short-lived. As was the relationship that got him to leave school again.

However, he eventually found that waiting tables was the perfect job for him and continued to do so for roughly seven years before adding managing and bartending to his skills.

During the last few years, Lee has been looking for the one job that will get him back out of debt. Debt which hit him all at once back in the end of 2001 and beginning of 2002 when his stepfather died of cancer and his mom suffered a severe heart attack five months later. She got better, but she was in ICU for over a week.
Lee missed much work during this time. About two weeks each time.

The first time set him back on his credit card bills. Bills he hadn't even had until 2001 when he discovered what "credit" was. Then he had to consolidate through CCCS.

The second time set him back again and he missed his CCCS payments which didn't help his standing with the creditors.

Then five months later his uncle died of cancer, as well. Which was even worse for his mom since it was her brother.

Although there was one good thing that occured during this time. And that was that Lee began to take the time out to write and draw again.
Buying "Understanding Comics" and "Writing the Action/Adventure Movie" gave him something to read while staying the days at the hospital that was miles from home.

He had dipped into writing a year or so earlier when he wrote a Moon Knight fan-fic that was posted on the internet. Now he had decided to bring something he had originally toyed with in high school into reality- 'Nuther World Comics.

In high school, Lee had an art teacher who, like all art teachers, considered comics a waste of talent. When he suggested the idea of a classroom comic that could be used as a means to promote their works as well as generate excitement about art in general, she met him with doubt. She didn't feel it would be "artistic" enough. However, she said that if he wanted to go ahead and do it, she'd love to see the result.

He was in the process of doing that very thing when he dropped back out.

So then, years later, Lee chose to bring back 'Nuther World Comics and use it as a means of entertainment, putting to use the things he had learned from writing and drawing. And it was pretty much like movies but with a cast that you didn't have to hire.

Getting a job as a night auditor at a local hotel, he found he had plenty of spare time in the wee hours of the night and began working on his first comic. He also started to study the works of Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez, Mike Allred, Howard Chaykin, Bill Sienkiewicz and Jay Stephens.

His first comic, 'Nuther World Comics #0, started out as a web-comic. It was posted on a regular basis every other day or so. Once he had enough pages, he printed them into a digest-sized comic and took it with him to his first ever Comic Book Convention.

'NWC #0 gave an indication of what he needed to work on and he soon found that a sure sign of growing is seeing your mistakes. And once #0 had been out for a while, Lee began to focus more on anatomy.

A year later, 'NWC #1 was released, featuring characters that had appeared in #0. While his anatomy was getting better, he had started to pay less attention to backgrounds which would become his next obstacle.

Meanwhile, Lee has also found that it's real hard to find the time to write or draw when you have a full-time job.

Currently, he's hard at work on the next issue of 'NWC with hopes of getting more than one issue out this year as well as a side project which he's keeping a secret until he knows it's done.

Also recently he's begun a blog where he posts ramblings, reviews and commentary about various things, including comics.

(do we really know the extent of Lee's abilities?)

Powers/Weapons: Lee has been known to persuade people. Usually it can only work on one person at a time. But he has been known to manipulate more than one person given the right circumstances.

He also has the keen ability to hide at a second's notice. This often occurs when he's with friends at a store or mall, or at a festival of some sort.

Another one of his powers has been to jinx someone into having a funny occurence happen to them. These are generally harmless and tend to be just him showing off his abilities.

Lee also has a knife that he has never really used, except for widdling, which he once threatened to chase down and kill a dog with the night his cat got mauled on his front porch.

And he's also adept at using bow and arrows.

Unfortunately, Lee suffers from night blindness due to being near-sighted and must wear corrective lenses. Especially when driving at night.

And he stares too long at computer screens.

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