Saturday, January 08, 2005

MTV Renews Real World Until 2008

MTV has decided to run Real World another three years.

Oh, please! Let it end!
Once the Real World gets the boot then we'll see the rest of 'reality tv' follow suit.
I stopped watching network television because you can't ever find a drama or comedy. Everything I find now is just a different variation of the same Real World crap.

However, I will say the parodies of 'reality' shows like Reno 911, Drawn Together and Surreal Life can be entertaining. At least something good did come out of this barren wasteland of lack of imagination.

In good news, MTV may be giving Road Rules the axe.

And, no, I don't watch MTV. Real World was the cause of my tuning it off. Now, MTV Hits, on the other hand... If I absolutely, positively have to watch music videos... That would be my choice.
But I don't really find the desire to watch them anymore.

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Psychbloke said...

We kinda have 'em on in the background instead of the radio, but as for some kind of active interest - I agree, far too tedious....