Monday, January 17, 2005

Review: Elektra

I went and saw Elektra the night before it was released thanks to my friends al the local movie theater.

It was not bad. But it wasn't very good, either.

I thought they could have done better with a smaller cast of villains and an attempt to continue the story past the midpart of the movie.
They could have dropped two of the villains easily. Stone and whatshisname...? The guy with the coin? Does anyone know what his name is?

It started out (slow) with a story then turned into mindless fighting and then they pretty much cleaned up the set and revisited the story for an ending. And the fights were either overdrawn (like Kirigi, or whatever his name is) or anti-climatic, like Stone and Tattoo.

Way too simple of a movie where the filmmakers thought by adding more characters would give it a level of complexity. Which it didn't.

None of the villains had any characterization. Unless you count slo-mo posing during their intro, or the slo-mo Typhoid forest walk or the Typhoid-Elektra slo-mo kiss.

Kirigi had a hint of character when he first talked to his dad. Then... nothing. And his connection to Elektra could have made an interesting angle. But it was pretty much treated as insignificant compared to the fight scenes.

And the only other character to show promise was Typhoid, who after all the posing came off to me as someone attempting to bring Janet Jackson's fashion sense to the big screen. She teased us with the "I was once the chosen one", only to be killed minutes later. Yes, Typhoid was pretty cool, but nothing really quite substantial came of her. She just looked good.

So... what do we have?

Too much stuff thrown into one movie which keeps any of it from seeming important. Leaving the viewer with little care for any of the characters.

I give it a C. And that's because it is a decent movie, as far as superhero movies go. But it's not a good movie that could beat out anything non-superhero.

I just hope Jennifer Garner got paid a lot for this film, because it may not have been the best movie for her career.


Justin Fallible said...

I agree, Elektra could have been better. But, what do you expect when Frank Miller isn't involved with this film in any shape or form.

If you want a good action flick with a equally good story then go see House Of Flying Daggers if you haven't already.

Republic of Replicants said...

Thanks for the reccomendation. I think I've heard about it. I'll see if I can find it.

And, yeah, I agree with you about Elektra. Looking forward to Sin City. It looks to be awesome. Not only was Frank Miller involved but Quentin Tarantino did some uncredited help for Robert Rodriguez (the director).