Shanna the Naked She-Devil!

Here are some pages from Shanna the She-Devil #1, coming out soon from Marvel Comics.

The originals:

And here are the (ahem) "corrected" pages:

And here's the cover to #2:

Looks like Marvel's finally discovered how to make a "mature readers" book. Or at least one that the under-18 crowd can be envious of.

Shanna the She-Devil is written and drawn by Frank Cho (Liberty Meadows), which is reason enough to get it.
#1 will be out on February 2nd with a Mature Readers tag and will sell for $3.50.


Justin Fallible said…
I've only thumbed through copies of Liberty Meadows. The story looked slow to me but, I always thought Cho was a decent artist.

I'm actually looking forward to Shanna later this year. Wish I could say that about more books.

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