Thursday, January 13, 2005

Some More Art

While I was cleaning out my old 'Nuther World Comics website I found these pics that I had almost forgotten about.

Both of these are what I would call studies as I used actual photgrapghs as reference.
And as you can tell, back in 1990 I thought Madonna was hot. At least she made a great model. :-)

Cover to single "Vogue".

Cover to single "Keep it Together".

I think the best drawing I did around that time was a pencilled portrait of Jody Watley that I did for a girl in school. I even photocopied it so I could have a copy to show. But I don't know what ever happened to it.


Brown Skin said...

Nice drawings. Yeah, I used to think the same. I've been in love with her several times, now I am cured.

Republic of Replicants said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment on it.
I really wish I could find that Jody Watley pic. If I do, I'll post it, too.