Monday, January 03, 2005

This Week in Comics - Shipping 01/05/05

Here's another week of comics...

THE QUESTION #3 (of 6)
Written by Rick Veitch
Art and cover by Tommy Lee Edwards

The Question rains terror upon the Subterraneans’ criminal operations through Metropolis — striking those that fall “beneath” the eyes of the Man of Steel. Meanwhile, Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen get the scoop on Luthor’s motivations behind the Science Spire.

On sale Jan 5 :: 32 pages :: $2.95 US

I'm reading this book and I think it's going pretty well. The artist's approach to the character and his perception of reality is innovative and tells the story nicely.

It's a shame it's only a mini-series. We could use more books like The Question, Ms. Tree and Sandman Mystery Theatre.

I just hope that the presence of comstume-clad super-heroes will be kept to a minimum. I don't generally like the two worlds mixing so freely. I had a similar problem with an issue of Daredevil that had the Avengers in it. Just didn't mesh.

Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils & Cover by Young Guns Artist David Finch

"The Raft" Part 2 (of 5)
It’s high-octane Avengers action from the ongoing creative team that makes you trade your aunt Betty to Johnny down the block if you miss an issue! Think you saw it all in Disassembled? As Doom would say, "bah, fool!"

December 29 :: 32 pages :: Marvel PSR :: $2.25

After reading Avengers Disassembled I was determined not to give this book a try. Kinda hard to do when it's written by one of the best writers at Marvel at the moment.

I've been hearing great reviews for this new series. And most of them from the very people who dissed the Disassembled story. So perhaps it's safe to pick it up.

And Finch's art is great to look at.

Written by Ed Brubaker
Pencils & Cover by Steve Epting

Cap is awakened in the dead of the night by Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. who need the kind of help only he can provide. But the corpse he finds on the Heli-carrier brings him face-to-face with the unthinkable, and opens doors to terror and manipulation that he never dreamed possible. Award-winning writer Ed Brubaker and phenomenal artist Steve Epting kick it into high gear, and fans will be stunned!

December 29 :: 32 pages :: Marvel PSR :: $2.99

Another book I wasn't planning on checking out. Surprising, considering it's written by another one of my fave writers.

What finally got me to give it a look was the positive reviews on Brubaker's story and the inclusion of Michael Lark as artist as he's drawing all the World War II scenes while Epting does the modern day scenes.

For those who don't know, Brubaker and Lark both worked on another favorite book of mine, Gotham Central. And this book gives me a little more of Lark's art before he takes over Pulse in March.

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