Sunday, January 30, 2005

What's Up?

Me, I'm just staying busy with work. I've been spending less time on the computer this last week to force myself to make time to work on my comic. I can't seem to find the time thanks to my current job but if I cut down on a few other things (like surfing the net and eating) I may get the next issue done before Aggie Con.

Meanwhile, I missed posting last week's comic picks. So here's last week's picks and this week's:

January 26, 2005:
Legion of Super-Heroes #2
Sleeper Season 2 #8
Black Widow #5

February 2, 2005
Deadshot #3
Question #4
Shanna the She-Devil #1

I don't have a day off this week. I'm working every friggin' day. But I'm trying to establish a timeframe or schedule to fit around my work so I can at least get something done.
Visitors of the blog devoted to my comic, 'Nuther World Comics, can now view the complete issue #0 online. Or will as soon as I post the one-page "Money Matters" in a few minutes. :-)

I'll be posting more news over there.

I also came across two more great resources on comic strips. The first is another website that serves as a list of links to syndicated strips online: Stu's Comic strip Collection.

The second is a book I found at Barnes & Noble. Called "100 Years of American Comic Strips", it presents samples of comic strips from the 1800s to today. Seperated into sections defined by period, this book is a beauty to behold. I highly suggest checking it out. Even if you don't buy it... Just thumb through it. It's simply amazing!


Jim H said...

I'm looking forward to the Bizzarro World comic... haven't bought a superhero book in many years (15 I estimate) but I'm going to plop down my $30 for this one.

Republic of Replicants said...

I just saw a write-up on Bizarro World in the latest issue of "Giant". Looks good...