Saturday, January 08, 2005

Will Eisner 1917-2005

Will Eisner, creator of the comic character The Spirit, passed away Monday night from complications after a quadruple bypass surgery. He was 87.

My first exposure to his work was through Kitchen Sink Comics' reprints of his comic strips. Even then I saw that there was something he had. Something that somehow had been lost by other creators.

He developed his characters with just enough distinction to where they were just shy of being caricatures of real people. They almost spilled with characterization, even without words.
And his design and layout kept getting more and more unique as he continued working.

The Spirit, probably his most popular creation, started in 1940 as a seven (later eight) page weekly strip that was the lead feature of a sixteen page newspaper insert.

Will Eisner will always be an inspiration to cartoonists -those who write and draw comics or comic strips.

Cartoonists have a certain charm that can't be duplicated by any artist/writer team. A cartoonist is in full contol of the story, from the story to the pictures the reader sees. It's completely his or her own creation.

And Will Eisner showed us how it was done.

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