Saturday, February 19, 2005

Aggie Con Update!

Or... Where I Plan To Be April 21-24...

Finally got details on the guests that will be appearing. Here's the info that's been released so far (people in bold are ones I'm actually familiar with):

Regional guest list:
Jayme Blaschke
Cat Conrad
Roxanne Conrad
Bill Crider
Scott Cupp
Mark Finn
Melaine Fletcher
Katharine E. Kimbriel
Rick Klaw
Tom Knowles
Julia Blackshear Kosatka
Joe Lansdale
Ardath Mayhar
Teresa Patterson
Rie Sheridan
Brian Stelfreeze
Jeff Turner
Martha Wells
Mark O. Worrell

Major guests:
Author GoH: Elizabeth Moon
Media GoH: Red Vs. Blue
Special GoH: Michael Moorcock
Author: Todd McCaffrey
Media Guests: FUNimation Voice Actor Alison Retzloff
FUNimation Voice Actor Greg Ayres
FUNimation Voice Actor Daniel Katsuk
FUNimation Voice Actor Caitlin Glass
Musical Guest: Brobdingnagian Bards

Well... I can see where all the spending went. At least it looks like a better line-up than last year. Even though there's no comic-related creators (unless you count Moorcock for the Elric comics).
And of course, Joe Singleton will be there.
And me.

Guess I need to get finished with that comic...

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