Saturday, February 19, 2005

Lying In The Gutters Takes Center Stage

As do a few creators who feel the desire to vent...

First, let me clue you in on the column, "Lying in the Gutters", written by Rich Johnston. Every week, Rich posts a bunch of rumors from the comics industry in his column. Each one is marked with a traffic light with either green, yellow (amber) or red signifying how reliable the rumor is. Generally, facts or proven rumors are given green, all other rumors are given yellow and outlandish commentaries and spoof rumors (like Wonder Woman to get sex-change so DC can snatch the rights to the "Wonder Man" name, etc.) are given a red light.

I've been reading Rich's column for a while now. Matter of fact, those Shanna pages I posted recently came from his column. It's one of the few comics websites I go to routinely each week.

I think Rich does a great job, seeing that I still check out his column every week. I've gone to other columns and read them a few times and then just stopped going. Rich manages to keep his more entertaining than most. And sometimes that draws a little fire...

Take for instance the current free-for-all on Rich's message board. Everyone from Mark Waid to Brian Michael Bendis to Gail Simone to Joe Quesada are getting involved. It's almost like watching a domestic fight.

I try not to read these kind of spats because I'm sure I'll end up seeing a bad side of a creator that I like and it'll tarnish the way I view their work. John Byrne is an example of this. The man can draw like nobody's business, but he's also done more than enough damage to his reputation by the things he's said. And because of that I can't read any of his books. I've even bought the new Doom Patrol series and tried to read them but I just couldn't.

I'm avoiding reading Gail Simone's replies to the thread because I really like her work and I don't know if I want to see her "unclothed", which is really what these types of threads do.

When it all boils down all that's going to remembered is how people handled themselves and how they handled the situation. Shit happens. There's really no need to compound it.

As a bonus, here's Rich's Rumor Awards for 2004.

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