Saturday, February 05, 2005

Made It

Well it appears that I made it through the week. Didn't know if I was going to. Its been a tough week. Inventory was Sunday and it stretched until 2AM...
And then I was getting up everyday this week with just enough time to get ready for work. Overcast days really fuck with my sleeping pattern. And damn it's been raining a lot here.

And now I got a tire that has to be aired every day. If I just had $25 I could get me a nice used tire and be done with it. But it's another whole week until payday...

I did manage to squeeze in a movie during the week. It was by accident really. Since I knew that I wouldn't be getting up in time to do any actual living before going to work, I stayed up a few minutes and surfed the tv. I came across The Recruit, with Al Pacino and Collin Farell. It was about halfway through. And actually pretty damn good. I had given up on most movies as either being over-hyped or too fluffy. This one was very well written. And only started to lose it when Pacino gave his final speech at the end.

It did feel good to watch that movie, though. It was as if I did do something besides work and sleep.

Meanwhile, I managed to get tomorrow off and next week we go back to regular acheduling so I'm off Sunday and Monday. I got tomorrow off because I have some friends coming in and we're doing a Magic the Gathering booster draft. Of course with three days off in a row I'm tempted to just skip town for a few days...

But then... I really need to work on my comic, which I haven't touched since Sunday because I haven't had any time.

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