Sunday, March 27, 2005

The Best Damn Comic Artist Gallery On The Web!

Without a doubt, the best gallery I've found is Comic Art Community.

I came across their site recently looking for some Dave Stevens art. Not only did I find Stevens but a bunch more great artist, to boot! Including Darwyn Cooke, J.H. Williams, Ryan Sook as well as all the Wizard poster-boys.

I found my first wallpaper of the year there, which is the Stevens illo above. I was considering posting each of my wallpapers as I retire them so I'll soon be posting February and March's here on my blog.

Anyway, back to Comic Art Community's Gallery... There's literally hundreds of pics online, all categorized by artist. And, what's better, if you feel that something's missing you can register (which is free) and upload pics into that artist's gallery. Before you think that it sounds crazy, don't worry as it's moderated. Each submission is looked over before actually getting posted.

I've actually submitted pics to the gallery for Dave Johnson, Phil Noto and Ryan Sook.

I definitely suggest checking it out. There simply is no better place for comic art to be found. Period.

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