Monday, March 28, 2005

College Radio Station of the Week

One of the things I love the most about the internet is the ability to listen to music from around the country. The world, even! Living in a town like mine you're pretty much left to listen to country, spanish or top-40 pop.

I remember, back before the internet, coming across the radio version of PBS a while back. NPR, it's called. Short for National Public Radio. Of course, most of the programming was news-oriented but I was introduced to something more. Blues, jazz, ambient electronica and folk music all had an outlet on this one station that I could barely pick up on my radio. I listened through the static and felt like I was connected to a whole other world.

With the internet I now have access to hundreds of stations. Some NPR, some commercial and a lot of individuals.

My acceptance of NPR led me to find a slew of college stations that broadcast over the internet. Now I had the ability to listen to real cutting edge music and programming and also get a feel for the society in the area. There's nothing else really like it.

One of the things I like most about college radio is how each dj has his or her own show, usually based on one extreme genre or another. The variety is amazing. No commercial crap here.

I'm going to be spotlighting a college radio station each week as I explore the vast world of the alternative. Usually on Sunday or Monday I'll post about the station that I plan to listen to for the rest of the week. As I said previously about the djs each having extreme genres, you simply cannot listen to a college station for just a few minutes and get an accurate profile of their programming. You must listen for a few days at least. It's very eclectic.

This week, in light of the coming Aggie Con, I've decided that the first college station to be put under the spotlight is the one from College Station, TX. (Shout out to Arno!)
KANM broadcasts on 1690 AM and 99.9 FM from the campus of Texas A&M.

From their website:
"KANM is Texas A&M's only student run radio station. We strive to enrich the Bryan/College Station community by making unconventional and non-mainstream music available to the general public."

And that they do.

Take a look at their programming schedule.

While their programming is full of variety it is a surety that they focus on indie music as can be seen by their online zine and their top music chart.

I'm looking forward to going to Aggie Con next month and listening to KANM makes me feel like it's just next door.
And they have great taste in music.

Give them a listen. They have three streams to choose from: a 32k wma, a 128k mp3 and a 192k mp3 stream. I usually listen to the 192k stream but for some reason I'm having trouble today with net congestion.


Mike said...

May I suggest KTRU (Rice Radio,, Rice University, Houston, TX)? It's an AMAZING station...the jazz/improv show on Sundays is a killer and the Wednesday night line-up of Reggae, Blues, and the 60's show can't be beat...not to mention the general shifts are full of everything from Merzbow to Coltrane to !!!.
good stuff...

Republic of Replicants said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Mike.

I looked over their website and read the Houston Press' article that highly praised them. Very nice.

I'll put them on the list and may even spotlight them next week.

And thanks for reading.

Ed Cunard said...

I don't know if paying for radio is your cup of tea, but I highly suggest satellite radio service. I have a long commute, and it makes it fly by.