Sunday, March 20, 2005

Countdown to Aggie Con

With Aggie Con less than a month away, I'm going to start talking more about it and my previous convention experiences. Please bear with me as my tonsils have decided to remind me that they're back and I just got through spending my entire day off watching the second half of Alias: Season Two.

I first started going to conventions back in 2002 with Aggie Con 33. Neil Gaiman was at this one and I got to see the back of his head. At the moment I wasn't all that interested to meet him.

Then in 2003 and 2004 I went to both Aggie Con (in the spring) and Wizard World Texas (in the fall). I've heard of another convention in Dallas that I may add to my yearly schedule this fall, income permitting.

Between now and April 21st I'm going to be posting info on who and what I'm looking forward to seeing at Aggie Con as well as commenting on previous cons and their guests. Not to mention the great treasures I've found at them.

I'll be posting sketches I've acquired (the whole one sketch!) and I'll plug some books by indie comic creators I've met.

And I may even post something about my work that I hope to be handing out this year.

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