Sunday, March 27, 2005

Lee Becomes Aware of Podcasts

I was wasting some time online yesterday and found out about podcasts. What is a podcast? Here's the definition that I read.

I'm quite familiar with RipCast and ReplayRadio -both useful tools to catch online radio shows and listen to them whenever (or wherever) you want. Podcasting is just the same, except that they're already recorded and can be downloaded whenever you want.

I quickly installed iPodder and retrieved a list of all available podcasts.

While the shows are organized by theme there's still some factor of the unknown as you have to test out a podcast to see if you like it. And since they're almost all in mp3 format they run about 20 mbs per show on average.

I did find a few useful ones, though.
Tracks Up The Tree was the first one that I discovered and led me to check out the whole podcast scene.
Each Note Secure has a lot of great sounds.
Donewaiting is a podcast I found through Each Note Secure. Another great indie show.

Other podcasts I've subscribed to:
vinyl podcast
Reel Reviews Radio
IndieFeed: Alt/Modern Rock
KCRW's Muscic Exchange
KCRW's Film Reviews
KCRW's Martini Shot
Helthy: The Best of Helthy
Helthy: Live in NYC Tonight
Helthy: Indie Rock/Pop
Free Talk Live
FML Jukebox

This list will probably morph quite a bit before I settle into a steady listening habit.

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