Sunday, March 27, 2005

March's Wallpaper

And here we have March's wallpaper... A fantastic piece by Liam Sharp. Sharp first came to my attention back in the '90s when Marvel was producing the UK/Marvel line of books. He was the artist on a series called DEATH'S HEAD. His art really was remarkable and I remember going ga-ga over it. Unfortunately the UK line didn't work so well and when it dissolved it seemed to take Sharp with it.

However, years later I found him illustrating a new MAN-THING series for Marvel under yet another ill-fated imprint, Strange Tales. His style had changed quite a bit and was darker and seemed more abstract. It was kinda like seeing George Perez leave and come back drawing like Mike Mignola. It was a bit... awkward. After it's quick demise I hadn't seen him again.

Until now. This pic is from the cover to Mamtor Publishing's new book, EVENT HORIZON. It's scheduled to be out around May and was in last month's PREVIEWS. Sadly though, I couldn't see myself spending around twenty bucks just yet. If you're interested, Mamtor does have a downloadable preview.

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