Sunday, March 13, 2005

MP3: The Arcade Fire

Speaking of Seven Soldiers of Victory...

I've decided that I've been needing some new music to help inspire me when I'm being creative. And there's generally only so many genres of music that can be inspiring.
One is classical music, but it can put you in a rut. Same with ebm or industrial.

The only music I've found that has a wide variety of emotion and still be inspiring is indie music. And some punk.

So I set out the other day to buy me a new indie cd at Hastings. Yeah, I know I would have fared better if I went to a real record store. But we don't have any of those here.
Unfortunately, I hadn't made a mental note of who I was looking for and I kept waivering between indie music or singer/songwriter stuff. Almost picked up a Beth Hart cd that was on sell. Almost picked up Joss Stone. Almost picked up Tori Amos' new album. Incidentally, I love Tori, but her album packaging makes me want to go lift a bunch of weights, get laid by two girls and beat somebody up before I buy it.

Luckily, Hastings, in their ever-growing wisdom, has set up an "indie music" listening station. And the first thing that popped in my head was "it can't be truly indie. not here". The place is far too commercial to be selling real indie music, much less have a listening station devoted to one.

The station usually has five cds that you can listen to at your liesure. At the moment the cds were:
1. Smoosh - She Like Electric (Amazon link -has samples)
2. Bright Eyes - Digital Ash in a Digital Urn (Amazon link -has samples and two song downloads)
3. Robbers on High Street - Tree City (Amazon link -no samples)
4. Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning (Amazon link -has samples and two song downloads)
5. The Arcade Fire - Funeral (Amazon link -has samples)

One problem, however, was that someone forgot to put most of the cds in the player to be listened to. Only Digital Ash and Funeral were available when I was there.
And since I wasn't really that familiar with any of the bands I went with the most logical choice: the one with fewer copies.

And since they only had one copy of The Arcade Fire's Funeral, that was the one. I listened to a few of the tracks on the station and shortly left with my cd.

On the way home (it's a thirty-five minute drive), I listened to the album. I was quite pleased with my selection, even if my process was a bit awkward. Arcade Fire has a great sound and energy.
At times it felt like a mixture of Talking Heads and Bjork. Sometimes down-to-earth and sometimes ethereal. I found it to be very entertaining through out the whole trip.
It's amazing that these seven people can work together in such a seamless fashion.

When I came home and turned on my (internet) radio, I heard one of the djs commenting on them, saying that Funeral was one of the best indie albums of last year. And one of the best indie debuts. "What a coincidence", I thought.

After a bit of looking online, I discovered their website. While there's really nothing there, if you go to the flash site there's a really cool "zen moment" with a painting that you can view from the inside or the outside. Oh, God, would that make a great screensaver!

With a bit more searching, I found a whole live set that a kind soul has posted. It's from a show in December.

I also found a few low bitrate tracks here.

Plus, there's a fansite, called Us Kids Know, that not only carries the most information on the band available but also has a demo version of "Power Out" that you can download.

And doing my part, here's my contribution:
Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)
Both are from Funeral.

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Andrea said...

I would love to introduce you to two bands from Wisconsin with new releases:

ON A SUN,, is releasing their debut CD, "Watershed" while The Mahp,, will release CD number two, "Stories."