Tuesday, March 15, 2005

On Work, Blogs and Aliens

  • Work sucks, completely drains me. 'Nuff said.

  • On another note, I've done a bit of remodeling here as I've made a designated spot on the side to the right for my "Comics This Week" feature. Previously, I was doing a weekly post about what I was planning to get. Since I tend to write about the books again when I review them it was starting to feel monotonous.
    So I gave them their own little space that will be viewable all week. And then when I actually get them and review any of them it won't seem like I'm repeating myself.

  • I also added a new site tracker. And the best thing about it? I finally know why my Alien Vs. Predator review gets so many hits from Google. People, lots of people, are searching for pics of aliens and my picture on the review is coming up in their searches.

  • Yay! A mystery is revealed!

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