Friday, March 18, 2005

Review: Ring Two

  • I went ahead and previewed Ring Two last night. Mostly because it's been a while since I went to see a movie. And a little because I think the Ring and Grudge were both a breath of fresh air (or horrendous stench if that's more of a compliment) in horror films.
    There may be spoilers in this review. Be ye therefore warned...

  • The movie does a great job of keeping the suspense built and despite a few shortcomings does manage to pull off a large amount of creepiness. You expect something to happen just like in a normal horror show, but at most times it occurs just before the usual expected moment.
    There were some scenes that kinda didn't seem right (and these were the normal scenes), but they didn't really hinder the overall movie.

    I like how they use the stop-motion effect on the film during certain events (like when Aidan was watching the kids play). That effect really fucks with the viewers perception. I know it did mine. Especially if it's just barely noticeable. I was still adjusting my eyes after the movie was over.

    And like I said, the film is creepy. The horror aspects of the movie are completely fleshed out and believable. Surprisingly, the times that I felt I had to suspend belief the most was when Rachel got into the ambulance and back out (with no one noticing) or when people started to die and no one investigated. Or how she so easily got to talk to the girl at the beginning.

    Samara, however, is done fantasically. She was just as effective in this outing as she was in the first. Unfortunately, the grotesque-looking expression on people's faces wasn't as shocking this time around. Perhaps anticipating this, it's used as a plot device more than as a shock factor.

    I will say some parts of Ring Two were predictable. But then some parts were just as equally unpredictable. Two scenes in particular were done rather well, with one in particular quite possibly changing the way I drive through wooded areas.

    Despite it's few flaws, I still think it was a very decent film. There were some plot-holes (again not from the horror element, but from the real world reactions and interactions) but I think it did a splendid job of keeping me on edge for the duration of the showing.

    I even saw some possibly underlying themes involving sacrifice that came into play effecting Rachel twice. That may have been just me but it gave the film a bit more depth.

    I give Ring Two a B+.

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    Michelle said...

    I thought I was the only one who liked this movie.