Friday, April 01, 2005

Review: Sin City

I saw Sin City last night.

Was it the best movie ever made? No.
Was it the worst movie ever made? No.

Sin City is a very stylish film. If you were to take the best elements of the 1989 Batman, the Dick Tracy film with Warren Beatty and Kill Bill and put them in a blender, the resulting mixture would be Sin City. Although, even with all this going for it, it still has one problem in particular.

Violence is handed out routinely from character to character in this film in a very Kill Bill-ish manner and will probably draw the most comparisons between the two movies. But there is one important difference between the two. In Kill Bill you are given well-rounded characters that are killing and/or being killed. You actually have a bit more build up of character in the Kill Bill movies to make the killings more substantial. In this film they all seem to blend together.
I'm not sure if the problem stems from having too many characters or from not giving any one of them more development than they receive. It may even be a combination of the two. But you don't get any character to relate to or even care for.

I didn't think the movie was bad but I felt it could have been made a bit more compelling. It's nice to see a comic come to life in film but aside from that novelty there's not much else to get excited about in Sin City.
I had only read one Sin City book previously and that was the first one. So when I saw the scenes with Marv and Lucille I felt I was having deja-vu and it was a pretty cool experience. But since I'd never read the other books, I had no familiarity with the other characters and no connection.

Comic fans (and Frank Miller fans) will give the movie an A rating, critics will give it a B, average movie-goers will give it a C and church-goers will definitely give it an F.

I give it a B+.

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Anonymous said...

I really did not get this movies and i thought is was a bit slow for my tast and a bit boring.