Saturday, May 07, 2005

Getting All Cosmic Like

Beginning next week is DC's Cosmic War series, THE RANN/THANAGAR WAR. Part of the COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS event, it's first issue has already sold out at the publisher and is already being reprinted.

You may hear me and other bloggers put down the INFINITE CTRISIS story. That's mostly because we generally don't want the books to get any darker. This already happened twenty years ago. If anything, it should be cycling back to "light and fun", instead.

While there's the given dislike of the event, there still is some good being done with it. VILLAINS UNITED satisfies those SUICIDE SQUAD fans who've longed for a return, DAY OF VENGEANCE brings attention to the mystical side of DC that hasn't been sent to Vertigo and THE RANN/THANAGAR WAR does the same with their all-but-forgotten sci-fi characters.

THE RANN/THANAGAR WAR (written by Dave Gibbons and drawn by Ivan Reis and Marc Campos) was set up in the recent ADAM STRANGE mini-series, written by Andy Diggle (LOSERS) and drawn by Pascual Ferry (who will be doing the art on one of the SEVEN SOLDIERS books, MISTER MIRACLE).
I've only managed to get a few issues of ADAM STRANGE, since my local comic shop is sold out. What I have seen gives credit to all the good reviews I've read of it. I really did get hit over the head with the first issue. It surprised me. I was going to pick up the missing issues at Aggie Con but no one was selling recent comics.

Adam Strange takes center stage in THE RANN/THANAGAR WAR along with Hawkman and Green Lantern, Kyle Raynor.

Around the time that the ADAM STRANGE mini-series had started, HAWKMAN (co-written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, pencilled by Joe Bennett and inked by Ruy Jose) began an intense year-long story with #35 (Bennett's first regular issue). During the story, Hawkman and Hawkgirl will discover that they have a rogues gallery and will learn what happens when they all get together. The Golden Eagle also makes a reappearance.

GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH, written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Ethan Von Sciver, not only impressed readers and critics but also sold out rather quickly. I have one issue of this at the moment and can't seem to find a reasonably priced copy of #1 anywhere. The first print is going for $12. I'd settle for the second print. If I could find it. And, of course, I have internet... I could just go to e-bay. But it's more fun to whine, don't you think?

REBIRTH had it's share of delays, however, which almost pushed it back too late. The first issue of the new ongoing GREEN LANTERN series (written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Carlos Pacheco) is scheduled to begin just two weeks after the last issue of REBIRTH ships. If it gets delayed much more, they'll either overlap or it'll push the first issue back, as well. And a late first issue is not a good thing. Oh, and in that week between the two series is a GREEN LANTERN: SECRET FILES special, also written by Geoff Johns with art by a lot of people including Darwyn Cooke.

And if that's not enough cosmic activity for you, DC has another mini-series lined up in the fall: GREEN LANTERN CORPS: RECHARGE. Written by Dave Gibbons and drawn by Patrick Gleason, GLC:R will once again establish the Corps and show their place in the DC Universe. The series will focus on Kyle Raynor, Guy Gardner and everyone's favorite alien GL, Kilowog.

I won't say that all this will be better than SEVEN SOLDIERS, but I am at least willing to give it a try. DC's done a great job of getting my interest with these books and that's all it really takes to put the hook in my mouth.


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in these books myself, even though I'm less than thrilled with the current DC universe.

BTW, Lee, haven't seen you around AP so much lately. Something I said?

Chris Mills

Republic of Replicants said...

Thanks, Chris.
No, I just haven't had the time lately.
Still trying to get back into the groove of posting to the blog, even. LOL.

But you shall see me there soon. With a vengeance!

Psychbloke said...

Thought you'd been quiet lately!

Posted that viral book meme thing to you a while back and was surprised you didn't pick it up - but hey, no pressure, like everything else, it ebbs and flows don't it?

As for the GL's - there's a complete set of the rings in a giftbox on the counter at my comic book shop for eighty quid!

Who the hell is gonna buy that?

Did you get anything interesting out of free comic book day? On the whole I was pretty disappointed.....

Republic of Replicants said...

I missed Free Comic Day. I had to work.

Sorry I missed the meme. I was actually feeling left out because nobody wanted to play with me...

But Aggie Con kinda drained me and I haven't been able to get back into my normal routine, yet.