Saturday, June 25, 2005

A Mad Mad Intermission

I just thought I'd take a moment to mention several resources available to us B-Movie/cult film fanatics.

First up is my previous post, titled "All New! All Weird!" It has a bunch of links to many useful sites.

And I still haven't gotten those Reel Wild Cinema VCDs... But they can be found here! Anybody wanna pitch in and get the $60 boxed set for me, go right ahead...
I really won't mind.

Meanwhile, I recently found two E-bay Stores that specialize in the stuff, Horror Sci-Fi Classics and Mars Needs Videos and Collectibles.
I had discovered them a while back when I was searching for some Sword and Sandal films. But I'd forgotten their names. Now that they're found again, I've carved them into this webpage so they'll never be lost again.

I've started buying and reading Filmfax and I currently have the latest two issues. Not only a great magazine to read it also serves as a catalogue and listing of great cult flicks. It really opens your eyes to the vast number of titles out there.
The current one has a fantastic interview with Vampira from Plan 9 From Outer Space (which will be part of the Mad Mad Movie Marathon).

Something Weird Video was listed on my last list and I still haven't bought anything else from them. I've been busy getting the basic stuff. Stil a nice place to check out.
Right now they're having a "secret" $10 sell.

Online info abounds over at the DVD Late Show, hosted by Chris (Femme Noir) Mills, a great fella who frequents this site. The man is entirely too knowledgeable in the ways of schlock and is having this info exhumed from him in an effort to cleanse his mind.
Or taint the rest of us... I'm not quite sure which...
Regardless, after you read his latest entry you can check out Chris' progress by browsing the archives.
Warning: some images may not be work safe.

That's all for this entry as I must start perusing the selections of movies to buy next weekend (if I have any money left).

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