Mad Mad Movie Marathon - Night 3

Twilight Zone: "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet"
(Episode 123 - 10/11/1963)
A salesman (William Shatner) recovering from a nervous breakdown spots a gremlin on the wing of his plane. When he attempts to alert others his nightmare truly begins!
(25 mins)

Twilight Zone: "The Odyssey of Flight 33"
(Episode 54 - 02/24/1961)
Flight 33 picks up a peculiar tailwind and is blown off course. After apparently correcting the problem, the flight arrives at its destination - a billion years ahead of schedule!
(25 mins)

Creature from the Haunted Sea
When a Carribean island is engulfed by a revolution, an unscrupulous American mobster, Renzo Capeto plans to clean up with a get-rich-quick scheme. His diaboloical plan is to provide refuge to the loyalists, and the contents of the government coffers, on his boat. He would then murder his passengers and escape with a fortune. Planning to blame their deaths on a mythical sea monster, no one is more surprised than Renzo, when the real monster appears with its own agenda. Starring Robert Towne.
(1 hr 14 mins)

Nightmare Castle
When a brutal count finds that his wife has been unfaithful, he tortures her and her lover and puts them to death, removing their hearts from their bodies in retribution. Time passes, and he remarries a beautiful and unsuspecting young woman. Soon she is experiencing horrendous dreams and apparitions. It becomes apparent that the spirits of slain lovers have returned to exact their bloody revenge. Starring Barbara Steele
(1 hr 19 mins)


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