Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Mad Mad Movie Marathon - Night 4

Twilight Zone: "Steel"
(Episode 122 - 10/04/1963)
In the future only androids are allowed to box. Desperate to raise money, penniless manager Steel Kelly (Lee Marvin) must fight diguised as his own broken-down robot!
(25 mins)

Twilight Zone: "A Game of Pool"
(Episode 70 - 10/13/1961)
Jesse (Jack Klugman) is a brilliant pool player whose dream of a showdown with the legendary (and dead) Fats Brown (Jonathan Winters) comes true. The stakes: his life.
(25 mins)

She Gods of Shark Reef
Filmed in Hawaii, this tale features an escaped prisoner and his brother who become shipwrecked on an island paradise. The land is filled with delectable native women who fill their time enacting strange rituals, and diving in the ocean for pearls. When one of the women is selected by her peers to be sacrificed to the sharks, the good brother who has fallen for her charms, rescues her and they escape to civilization. The convict brother stays behind and attempts to steal the pearls, instead becoming the designated sacrifice. Starring Bill Cord.
(1 hr 3 mins)

The Amazing Transparent Man
Crazed ex-military officer Paul Krenner has dreams of world domination when he forces unwilling scientist Peter Ulof to do his bidding. Ulof must develop a process to induce invisibility through atomic-radiation. With this in his armory, Krenner plans to create an invisible military force and sell it to the highest bidder. They break safecracker Joey Faust out of jail and make him invisible so that he can steal more radium. The events take an unexpected turn. Starring Maguerite Chapman.
(57 mins)

The Atomic Brain (aka Monstrosity)
Atomic power has somehow been harnessed to enable the transplanting of human brains. An aging and unscupulous matron hires two beautiful and desirable foreign domestics, planning to use one of them as a host for her evil brain. Starring Bradford Dillman.
(1 hr 5 mins)

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