Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My Art Gallery

Here are my pics so far:

Moon Knight



Black Cat

Death (Sandman)

Green Lantern



Morgan Le Fay


Tempest (Doom Patrol)

Page of an unpublished comic

Blok (Legion of Super-Heroes)

Blok (Legion of Super-Heroes) (color)


Supergirl (color)

Bouncing Boy (Legion of Super-Heroes)

Bouncing Boy (Legion of Super-Heroes) (color)

Shadow Lass (Legion of Super-Heroes)

Mirage, Wolfsbane and Sunspot (New Mutants)

Karma, Warlock, Cypher and Magma (New Mutants)

'Nuther World Comics Ashcan

Rodent and Venus (Hope Squad), from Mis-Adventure!

'Nuther World Comics #0 cover

"Money Matters", from 'Nuther World Comics #0

"Money Matters" -pencils

'Nuther World Comics pin-up

'Nuther World Comics #1 cover -pencils

'Nuther World Comics #1 cover -color

Roxie Tiger sketch

Un-used Wizdom page

No-Man, pg.1

No-Man, pg.2

No-Man, pg.3

No-Man, pg.4

The Extremists, pg. 1

The Extremists, pg. 2

The Extremists, pg. 3

The Extremists, pg. 4

El Aguila sketch

Scarlet Witch sketch

character sketches

character sketches

character sketches

character sketches

More will be added later...


Anonymous said...

I like seeing your new stuff. If you don't keep it up you will lose it. I miss my old abilities...I can't draw anymore. So will be looking for updates...keep me posted.

Anonymous said...

That is probably on of your better pieces. I like that one and the one with the boy and the moon. Drawing with mere negative space interests me. I like the detail in just shadows also. Photoshop = Friend :}

Republic of Replicants said...

Thanks, Holly.
I definitely will keep you up to date.