Back to Business...

Well, another annual Wizard World/Renaissance Festival weekend has passed.

This year was the year where all the newness of both wore off to me. However, I still had fun.

At Wizard World, I filled in my last two months of comics and caught up with Thor.
Goodies added to my collection:

*The Essential Dr. Strange Volume 2
*Hawkman #40, 44 & 45
*Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #1 & 2
*Rann/Thanagar War #5 & 6
*Infinite Crisis #1
*Thor: Disassembled TPB
*Stormbreaker: Saga of Beta Ray Bill #1-6
*Thor: Blood Oath #1-3

Pretty much got everything at cover price, except for the Dr. Strange book and the Disassmbled book. Both of which were half off.

Pondered whether or not to pick up Justice #1 & 2 or The Return of Donna Troy, but eventually passed on both.

Almost picked up Bulleteer #1, Klarion #4, Guardian #4 and Zatanna #4 but decided to wait and buy the ones I can from my local comic shop first. Then I'll order the ones I can't find sometime later.

I met Ethan Van Sciver and Moose Baumann, both currently working on Green Lantern, and got some signatures. I stopped to listen to Moose critique this guy's art and heard a lot of the same things that had been told to me before.

Summer Glau, of Firefly and Serenity, was there. Unfortunately she was charging $30 for signatures. Now if it was Adam Baldwin or Gina Torres... or Nathan Fillion... I'd probably pay. For Summer, I'd expect no more than $20. Must be why I hardly ever saw anyone in her line.

I took part in a drawing to win a satellite radio, and won a gift certificate from Of course, I've been considering checking out DCBS, especially for the first month after Infinite Crisis where I'll probably double or triple my order for the month.

I didn't spend a lot of time in Artist Alley this year, I stood at Ethan's booth until my friend was ready to go. This is both good and bad. Bad because I didn't get to check out some of the new people and rub elbows, but good because I still had money when we left... Which I would need at the Renaissance Festival.

I ended up going to the Renaissance Festival alone the next day. My friend had ran out of money and had decided to visit with another friend of ours while I took part in the festivities. Which didn't really bother me since I tend to wander away from the group anyway.

This year, since I had money, I picked up a few items including a shot glass, a blank journal, a deck of cards and a necklace. I wouldv'e gotten a ring but I couldn't find one my size.

Instead of beer, this year I drank frozen margaritas, which actually was better since the beer would get hot before I finished it (I drink slow).

I didn't really stop to watch any of the shows this year and I spent a lot of time on my phone with work.

There wasn't a lot in the way of eye candy this year, either, and I felt disappointed that I didn't prepare for the festival like I had planned. I think next year I'll dress for it.

Overall, it seemed like the weekend came and went just like that. It could be because last year we had a three day weekend and this year only two since I was scheduled to open Sunday morning so we had to come back Saturday night.

Outside of the festival and convention, my friends and I went out to eat twice and had a great time hanging out.

Now we're all looking forward to Aggie Con in May March...


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