First Signs of the Future

DC's solicits for February is still quite a few days away, but Newsarama has posted a feature on the first issue of JSA post-Infinite Crisis.

Paul Levitz, George Perez and Rags Morales team up for a six-issue arc that ushers in the JSA's new world.

In Levitz's own words:

"By agreeing to write a six-issue run that spans the crucial “One Year Later” DCU Infinite Crisis-related event, Levitz knew he was taking on a very high-profile assignment. “My first issue is a prologue to the other stories, very much an Infinite Crisis tie-in,” he explained. “It flashes back to some elements of the characters in the 1950’s, where I left them towards the end of my last run. I had some nice moments relating what’s going on at that moment with Power Girl. The next issue takes place after the one-year jump—which has only subtle implications in the lives of the JSA heroes. I won’t say it’s one of the more central places where ‘One Year Later’ pays off in a big way. There are a bunch of JSA members hanging around—Power Girl, Wildcat, Jakeem, Flash and Green Lantern (who I’ve always had wonderful times with), Dr. Midnite, Mr. Terrific, Star Girl, and there’s probably a moment or two of some of the others.”"

Looks interesting.
Especially with that creative team.


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